At GR8 Search we pride ourselves on being advisors for emerging to high growth companies worldwide. As the retained executive search division of GR8 Connect, we help companies build superior leadership teams that enable profitability and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

We specialise in the search for and placement of executive leadership talent across a broad spectrum of functional areas and industry sectors. Clients turn to us for tightly defined executive-level and departmental leadership assignments including C-level (CEOs, Executive Directors, CFOs, COOs), technology, finance, sales and marketing, legal and human resources across all industries.

Our success rate is attributed to our hands-on, consultative approach, personal attention and proven business processes. The depth of our expertise is second to none. By searches made around the world, and based on high client recommendation ratings, GR8 Search has become a stand out service that GR8 Connect has to offer.  

To find out more about our executive search recruitment services or executive opportunities in your area, please contact your local Executive Search consultant on +44 1753 336 892 or fill in the form below.


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When you retain an executive search firm, you are entering into a business relationship. The firm you select is an extension of your image and reputation. The retained executive search firm’s representatives become your eyes and ears in the marketplace, and the first point of contact in acquiring the ideal executive for your firm. At GR8 Search, we safeguard your good name, protect your confidentiality and work diligently to honour our commitments every step of the way.


Our goal is to expedite the hiring process for you and ultimately help find you the best executive match for your company. The executive search process includes five efficient and proven steps that allow us to get to know your needs as a client and ultimately find you the best available executive match.


 The most important part of the process is the research phase. At this stage, we will work collaboratively with you as your recruiting team to discuss the organization and the specifics of the desired executive placement.

Our understanding of the specific requirements will allow us to develop a Position Profile. This is both the “road map” for the executive search and a document that can be shared with candidates, summarizing the organization and the executive position’s scope, as well as an outline of the ideal candidate’s management competencies, work style and personality.


 Guided by the Position Profile, we will identify potential candidates for your executive search, leveraging our worldwide network of executive recruiting and consulting sources.

Our objective is to interview and critically evaluate the most promising executive professionals, thereby helping to expedite the hiring process by introducing you only to candidates who have a history of executive success.

We will communicate with you regularly throughout this process, sharing market feedback, search status updates and potential executive candidate profiles.


We work with you to identify a short list of highly skilled candidates. You will interview them all in one day in a professional setting without distraction and then identify the top two or three who should move forward to final interviews.

We then work with you to finalize the negotiation process and ultimately accelerate the hiring and onboarding process.


We conduct a GR8 Search 360 Degree reference check on your finalist candidate(s).

We verify post-secondary degrees and relevant certifications and licenses.

Your company then receives a written Reference Report that details the fit to the Position Profile.


Development of a mutually beneficial arrangement based upon the executive candidate’s compensation history/experience.

Our frequent communication will ensure that you remain well informed about the status of the negotiations, the offer and the acceptance.

We will stay in close communication with both sides to facilitate a smooth and timely transition and onboarding.